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 Ten spring and summer 2011 trend forecasts-1

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PostSubject: Ten spring and summer 2011 trend forecasts-1    Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:15 am

Winter to spring is not far, let's take a look at the top ten spring 2011 trend forecasts, but also let you know as soon as possible the trend of nike shox with a more current, so you rank well known brand of sunglasses.
No.1 colorful cat eye shaped sunglasses
See Quarter sunglasses every year, see, in order to prevent see boring, spring and summer of this year introduced a new shape with novelty sunglasses: square, round, pilots and other road-shaped style is nike shox classicnot the heart of water, the designer election, it was a special cat-shaped their favor. Colorful cat eye shaped sunglasses, the most appropriate costume retro clothing, to create a retro style. Even if none of the above clothing it anyway, because only a cat's eye shaped sunglasses for eye-catching enough.
Sporty style flourished in the last year, has played the major brands skiing, mountaineering and even nike shox nz, this is a quiet time. Garden designer fashion brand launched invariably loaded with all return home vegetable garden. Large round neck T-shirt, sarong or Baku wide, bright floral patterns or colors, the combination of a fresh and clean modern peasant girl look.
The so-called extremes meet, when the leopard pattern in 2010 to the end of the year by the first red, red to the shoe by the clothes, we can estimate its momentum this year, will be weakened, and replaced by a shox deliver [/b]of flowers. Floral field and the atmosphere very light taste of the rich pattern of large flowers are the ideal choice, however, because this spring and summer fashion, blowing a "wind", Chinese or Japanese floral patterns are the highlights.
The big one is a lot of lady handbag, shox oz [/b]a good heart, but certainly not the darling of designers this season. Popular in the spring and summer handbag compact, fancy design, or even daily night with no problem. Bag is not convenient enough too? May wish to choose a size, such as clutch handbag, shoulder or hand can be linked to arbitrary decisions.
To lengthen the leg line of high-heeled shoes called the women a boon, but this spring and summer, you should be close to the trend of the ladies say goodbye to loved ones, switched to platform sandals in the camp. These shox turbo ozsandals with footwear is not common, because it is from front to rear are nearly level, no significant slope, just like the bottom of the form as thick slippers. The increase in high-heeled shoes with the same effect, but definitely superior comfort, ladies will probably go for a try.
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Ten spring and summer 2011 trend forecasts-1
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