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 Ten spring and summer 2011 trend forecasts-2

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PostSubject: Ten spring and summer 2011 trend forecasts-2    Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:16 am

Material in public among the best lace to bring out the unique soft and sexy women, so it has always been the darling of designers, can be reflected in its Singsong almost every quarter. Different method for making lace, so the designer presented the model has varied. Last year, popular timberland boots -style lace, smooth texture, pattern-intensive and flexible, feeling a little point of monotony. The lace in fashion this year are more lively, as they put on a new, stronger sense of space knitting patterns, and thick texture, with a deep sense of Vintage antique atmosphere.
Once said, "No one like to watch full model" and "Lafayette" Karl Lagerfeld, invited the popular large size 12 model timberland shoes Renan is CHANEL2011 spring runway shows, I believe this year's fashion industry is a public body should be symmetrical health model of the world.
Piece last year's hot pants, to the limelight this year may give way to high waist pants or short shorts. 2011 spring and summer pants polarized trend: the high waist or short, the woman does not love barelegged optional timberland outlet, the design feel relaxed wide pants, casual, and narrow cut there foot type and stylish. A pair of legs of courses the ladies hot pants to choose to show their charm!
The fifties of last century's couture fashion last year, return to the stage, Christian Dior's classic new look and half of the umbrella skirt mini skirt, etc. everywhere. Still continue to back this time, designers take us back to the seventies of last century: loose pants, flowing fabrics, fringed with a timberland work boots, colorful geometric patterns, are essential summer style elements of modern hippies. Want to be more stylish? May wish to design a scarf wrapped forehead.
In 2011, there was a fashion icon more noteworthy than Lady Gaga, her name is Daphne Guinness. The aristocratic style of dress in recent years, as with Gaga "language does not startle," The cat outdoor shoesis that two of her clothes either teacher produced, or is Haute Couture. September 2011 to January 2012, the United States fit the New York Museum of Daphne will hold exhibition eighty to one hundred private collections of clothing, including exclusive fashion such as Alexander McQueen.
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Ten spring and summer 2011 trend forecasts-2
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