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 Han women bound their handbags to imitate

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PostSubject: Han women bound their handbags to imitate   Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:22 pm

After the fall of the Qing dynasty, the Manchu woman's bound feet, the ban has become a piece of paper, the Manchu woman to earn a living, especially the needs of mixed marriages with the Han, the Han women bound their feet to imitate , foot binding, but this time is spent force of the wind.

With the constant evolution of history, the coach online store have become an indispensable part of our lives. But the history of shoes back, how many people really deep understanding of it? It is reported back to this issue, should lead the tens of thousands of years ago.
Genome From embroidered shoes, accessories, divided into two types according to the models: one is the satin silk embroidery Hue Xiao, the other is gold velvet shoes embroidered with sequins. Satin color process is the production of silk embroidery Hoax: first batter with a cloth and old " coach store sale fabric, dry-cut top, then select shoes fabric upper cut to size using a needle and thread sewing up, and then cut with a tissue paper attached to the upper embroidery, embroidered with colored silk threads. velvet embroidered with gold sequins shoes similar with the previous practice, after a good embroidered red, gold and silver, platinum embellishment light, so that even the most beautiful eyes that captures the embroidered shoes.
Dai embroidered shoes is the practice of women in artistic creation, there are hundreds of design templates. Have a smart intelligent woman be good to see the United States, to create beauty, their benefit in a natural environment such as embroidered flowers and the theme of landscape, all the breath of life.

After the Qing Central Plains, although never Manchu women bound their feet, but according to the universal standard of beauty, Bigfoot is definitely not beautiful. To resolve this problem, the coach wallet of the Manchu women are a high-soled shoes, their feet hidden in the dress, not easily visible.

Manchu women wore the origin of the high-soled shoes are another matter. One theory is that, since ancient times man "to carry out cutting wood," the costume, women are often the last Manchu mountains to gather wild fruits, mushrooms, etc. for the control of bite parasites of the snake, then the only pieces of wood tied, then get more and more sophisticated production, development becomes a sole shoes. Another argument is that the mythical ancestors of the coach handbags through a swamp to recapture the city occupied by the enemy, they learn to look like white crane, tied the knot in the shoe by a high tree branches, and eventually won, reaching revenge, development and growth. The suffering of the people to remember those days to celebrate the contribution of high wooden clogs, women wear these shoes, and from generation to generation.
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Han women bound their handbags to imitate
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