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 Multi-word term for the sunglasses

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PostSubject: Multi-word term for the sunglasses   Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:58 am

Today, people often talk about "shoes", everyone knows the origin of the word shoe, in fact, and we need a change. In ancient times, people often use animal skin shoes, leather shoes so that multi-word term for the device. There are many ancient name shoes, such as shoes, clogs, boots, slippers, sunglassesgroupon.com , sandals and other words not said. The first shoe style is very simple. People have speculated that the ancients would have cut into rough skin after the foot-shaped, with a thin belt to put together becomes the most original shoes.
Qing Ming shoes along the standard system, all civil and military officials and scholars to boots and civilian, actor, servants and therefore can not be started. Qing Dynasty-style boots and more to the Chanel sunglasses. The soles are thick, the end result of too heavy, by-pass at the end of the lawn to do. Thin later renamed as the "military race." satin shoes general public, velvet, fabric production, higher surface and narrow, pointed shape, there were beak-type shoes, but also eager to dig cloud type. People with sandals, brown shoes, shoes aloe, slippers, and other people who are all popular. Peaks of precipitation in the south wearing skates occur in northern winter.
In addition, the three-inch golden lotus can be said that women were re-shaping. In the past a very long period of time, the three-inch golden lotus contributed to such a concept: women (especially you women) will be feet tied. Wrapped around the feet, is more like a woman, not a woman with bound gucci glasses, not only looking extremely stupid rough, but also that of his social status? Chou Cheng-chi of the lotus has a pair of small, but necessary for any style, his feet wrapped in pretty standard in front of everyone, especially the solemn assembly, not wait for the skin, will be ashamed of. The reason why it is useless to say.
The late 19th century, combined with hypnosis previous close of her skirt, high heels are harmonized. Living high heels to wear during the day, to make walking shoes tight package, there will be a row of fashion sunglasses on the shoes or the mouth of rubber. Part of the dance and wear is more luxurious, there embroidery upper half of the mouth surface of heels. Why do women wear clothes of the 19th century, will cover the first step scenario. Thus, the production of silk or other fine material, a large arch Zhu Hue and elegant evening at the social dance shoes sewn in with a good opportunity to show his face.
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Multi-word term for the sunglasses
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