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 High heeled shoes

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PostSubject: High heeled shoes   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:03 am

In the world of women, high heeled shoes, with its unique style has always been the attitude of the heart becomes a darling woman. Each woman has her own special feeling of high heels. But the true history of high www.mbt-m-walk.com, how many people really know?
In the 18th century, the view of the Rococo style popular, beautiful costumes, stressed, and high heels, the style changes. satin high heels, multi-purpose material, cotton fabrics, kids, style and more and half for the light to help with high heel high heels, beautiful feet, with fine embroidery Cheap mbt chapa , decorated with precious stones, and the shoe steel buckle, elegant. This is delicate to put their shoes when they come out with a layer of leather shoes.
Zhou from the north end of the barbarian style shoes. Nomadic barbarian who wears a tube of many riding boots, horse riding and shooting and supporters King Waling of Zhao, in order to facilitate the war.
Footwear Han Dynasty have been many changes in shape, such as silk boots with the change of colors and patterns, the model is very concise, more in line with the shape of the foot. The shoes are also very mbt sport materials; there is leather, silk, linen and other materials.
Popular clogs South Dynasty, the emperor until writers, Scholar can wear. At the same time, the shoes are generally people are scholars and shoes, from the prolific plants south woven reeds. Tang Luck boots hit the system boots; boots later changed to a period of Yao boots and is heard. The shape of women's shoes, the first for the crested type. Other footwear, with a high skechers shape ups, flat head, round, etc. Alice style, and some tiger shoes are decorated with embroidered or Man Kim.
With regard to the history of the lotus feet, I think many people will be connected and the shoe culture. Its meaning and extent of the rich, it can be said to be added to achieve a degree. Which implies the concept of foot binding, foot binding and maintenance methods, styles of walking, geographic features, shoes arch of production and style, and the pace after the wrap of your feet, dance and the overall image, the development of poetry, theater, art narrative description of the images, and even sculpture and CISU? This is the story of the shoe can be said is unique.
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High heeled shoes
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