200 years after the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, the Water Avatar has come and gone, now the newest Avatar an Earth Bender has gone missing. A war has begun and the search for peace is underway.
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 The top to connect the bags heel

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PostSubject: The top to connect the bags heel   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:06 am

1730, women's heels to the "fine roots" of development, commonly known as "Punta Badu heel" or "French heel." Toe to toe-based, people began to try to produce thin heel, sadly enough support in order to extend the top to connect the shoe heel. Begun in 1760, the shoes tend to "low development", but unlike before when the tip of the foot. As for men, is still popular with red high www.coachoutletonline-stores.com, but also in a low heel with the trend. The 18th century, the shoes seem slippers. In addition, the main men in the room when you wear high heels, boots, when worn out.
Song style shoe after the initial system of the previous generation, when North Korea starts, then change shoes. Made of black leather boots, lined with carpet, the office to wear clothes of different colors, the wholesale coach purses can be. General public straw shoes, sandals, shoes, etc., named according to the materials used. Southerners over the hooves. As the song of the people, "Went Jing Shan clog ring" to describe the case of hooves walking in the mountains. Women's Shoes common than red, has a toe to bend, and some facts of the ridge, from embroidery shoes next. Women workers should wear flat shoes or rushes round series of shoes.
Ming's Dress in the style of shoes, has strict limits, regardless of the size of office, shall comply with the service system. In which situations should wear shoes that style, like the students of Confucius and other staff in order to boot, the Hercules captain started in value allowed, not allowed to wear when you go out, other people, like ordinary people , and traders should not start.
It can be said that the world is only three inches of golden lotus, and only then the development of the shoe coach handbags to the extreme. This includes sexual function (fun boudoir), the aesthetic function (lotus three "expensive", "Shimmies," "Five-style," "Nine", "sixteen King"), depending on the performance stage (three-inch lotus Gold has long been an important performance of the content on stage), a collection of functions (with arched embroidered not only in modern times, it is preferable for people at the moment and collections), Entertainment (gold shoes Lotus can be used as capital goods for small and coach online, glass jar), etc.. And so on. (Speaking of shoes, cup, and now people seem not to understand, in fact, exquisitely small golden lotus shoes are not an ordinary sense of the shoes, but it has become a dazzling derivative works of exquisite art, so it was that people appreciated, the game is a natural thing.)
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The top to connect the bags heel
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