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 Nineteenth century, high shoes

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PostSubject: Nineteenth century, high shoes   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:08 am

19th century, high heels are a very important development ─ heels almost out of the men, unlike the first appearance well loved by men, but women gradually become the exclusive footwear. Moreover, high heels brothel in Paris, France, introduced in the U.S., because they discovered that high heels can be dcsuprashoes.com without wearing their most prostitutes and customers of all ages.
19th century, high heels, mostly flat shallow mouth, often cross-ties to maintain the style of classic, a long, narrow toe, and toes were small square head. The black and brown shoes sheepskin shoes are high end. supra skytop shoes sale, at different times in different areas of fashion, like the 1800 ~ 1810 for the tip, 1810 ~ 1830, the Head, 1830 ~ 1849 for the class narrow side first.
The industrialization and the consequent large number of inventions, the actual creation of the 19 was in a lively and explosive, the concept of evolution of fashion, shoe technology has reached a mature, popular with different materials such as satin, silk and leather creating supra tk, style is also more diversified.
Twentieth century, high heels
the design on the shoes began to emerge from the twentieth century, the production of shoes, is no longer just an activity, and to dc skate shoes a center of a conservative design profession special.
Narrator: Kim Yu
20, 1293 ceramic shoes - takes advantage of the opportunity to go last year, I finally clear the inventory of all things.
Kim Yu small collection of shoes is only the size of the soybean.
England and Amoy to ceramic shoes, so Kim Yu favorite for me.
The walls are made of glass-fronted house.
Difficult to achieve showroom, will show a virtual network
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Nineteenth century, high shoes
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