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 Twentieth century, high handbags

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PostSubject: Twentieth century, high handbags   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:10 am

She decided to move last year, and I took the opportunity to make a collection of more than 20 years of inventory. Of course, this is a huge voluminous works, only the first shoe to each carefully wrapped in newspaper, put downward one by one in the box, then fill the gap newspapers, and then tape the box "www.cheapcoachoutletstore.com ". Ten box full of fear of a crash, I do not have the courage to call the workers are moving their hands on their personal battle.
My collection is not to make money. Similarly, I do not think that the whole is too much money in wood, with its own interests, but not the only high prices and the Tibet. Now the more expensive shoes at home a thousand dollars, the cheapest cost only pennies in my eyes are big coach store, precious. Remember when to buy shoes, I decided to quit smoking, be regarded as money saved on cigarettes, to buy shoes, now I think, both for their health, but also earned a deserved one child in this room, it is worth the penalty.
The design on the shoes began to emerge from the twentieth century, the production of shoes, is no longer just an activity, and to become a center of a conservative design profession special.
1920 ─ sandals and high heels combination. They dress as women have a more open attitude update, more relaxed, more moral norms; the designers began looking for "naked" with sandals and high heels, elegant coach bags to become high-heeled sandals. In addition, 1920 will be "up" trend in fashion, high heels, thin and elegant lines are an important feature of this era shoes.
1930, the Great Depression, people's lives are very hard, so necessary to wear shoes. Shoes of the period of designer handbags online and simple, but there are still elegant lines. Roger Vizier shoe division to french luxury decorative heels began to influence the "American concept of shoes, luxury shoes with high heels in the header Jive Qin ‧ Rogers (Ginger Rogers) feet shine.
In 1987, I fell in love with ceramics and began collecting a wide range of ceramic products everywhere. In recent years, although the collection of a lot, always felt a bit 'difficult, hard on the system. In 1990, I intend to reduce the scope of the collection, think again decided to "hit" ceramic shoes. So, now there is only occupy half of the room to see can not wear shoes, of which –
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Twentieth century, high handbags
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