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 Full of modern ideas of new shoes

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PostSubject: Full of modern ideas of new shoes   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:12 am

From relatives throughout the country in a variety of baked clay to meet the old thick crust, but also, and friends from around the world come to share with my shoes exotic ceramics;
He has produced since shoes Jialing of the Qing dynasty blue and white, but also full of modern ideas of new shoes;
New government is not enough space, so now only put part of your shoes. Useful free, I continue to make a glass case, intends to timberland boots, living room walls have a couple of windows, can directly watch and prevent the accumulation of dust on shoes. In fact, the wife does not like a little 'less, I put on more than 1,000 are the only shoes that space, but to be so nice if the pressure bottom of the shoes rather a pity. I thought about buying a house on the first floor, ceramic shoes to create a private gallery, free for visits, but unfortunately, not yet implemented the plans, the high prices, this desire can only be a stalemate.
Showroom difficult to achieve, to become a virtual substitute for it. Throughout the relocation of the finishing work is timberland shoes outlet, give each shoe to take photos, save on your computer, detailed information, if possible, by designing web pages, so that all network users communicate with each other, tastings, and common sharing.
Collection is a process full of joy, of course, there are some regrets
Collection is a process full of joy, each bearing the shoes are just a memory, the life of that year, all on a journey, and work boots are still in the mind of regret.
Ceramic and porcelain pottery, porcelain tile most rigid ceramic spring, the market significantly higher than the number of pottery porcelain shoe shoes less, buy the shoes of china is a very happy.
1930, the Great Depression, people's lives are very hard, so necessary to wear shoes. Shoes of the period of strong and cat outdoor shoes, but there are still elegant lines. Roger Vizier shoe division to french luxury decorative heels began to influence the "American concept of shoes, luxury shoes with high heels in the header Jive Qin ‧ Rogers (Ginger Rogers) feet shine.
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Full of modern ideas of new shoes
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