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 Balenciaga shoes, the building blocks of the future of art

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PostSubject: Balenciaga shoes, the building blocks of the future of art    Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:22 pm

2010 autumn and winter clothing lines in the exhibition Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week, the shape of the shoe is eye-catching scenery. A variety of colors and different textures of materials heels, the bold gucci outlet of the end of the tree, all the creativity and elegance. Shoes of a series of horizontal presentation of the major landmarks seem to be recent Balenciaga show floor.
The main part of the shoe tree T-shaped end of the stage, but the crocodile, plywood, foam and other materials made from resin and hand use. Both art and how it's unique interpretation of the future? Designer Nicolas Ghesquière you tell me the answer.
However, a good time to build a narrow walk, a gucci shoes, and the servant's arms can not be simply left to act. As a result, the Italian shoemaker came up with this solution: a high shoe, but can not be "preparations" and clumsy. Lined Medici Caesar set sail from Italy to France when you go to the Duke of Orleans, the right to bring out something special cargo cheap gucci sunglasses: UGG boots Classic Tall heels are ssangeuluibogo first for France.
Catherine is one of the shoes features the equality of men in her attitude can be seen directly; the man was later King Henry II and gucci wallet. Up to the wildly popular high-heeled shoes.
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Balenciaga shoes, the building blocks of the future of art
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