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 Coach handbags and other types of cultural commentary

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PostSubject: Coach handbags and other types of cultural commentary   Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:27 pm

Recent plans to build China's first museum of old shoes in China, Tianjin Century Boy, "an old Chinese American," is scheduled to open in the first half of this year, the Ancient Culture Street in coach store has been completed.
Several thousands of shoes dual display
Museum of Heritage Museum Shogun chapter due to the special shoes, in addition to the use of existing resources in order to build a museum of traditional Chinese Americans, "oral" culture collection of the Museum of the current resources that the nation still does not detail a special category. Museum of thousands of pairs of shoes and other types of 800m2 area of more than 50 sub-topics are covered. Failure to display: shoes, shoes, folk, shoe category Golden Lotus Theme three inches, a mark of quality and special scenes, the history of coach bags, most of the seven traditional crafts.
Reporter at the museum, from all stages of modern Chinese, ancient shoes booth syanggwa Zhou Warring States Period, Qin and the Ming and Qing Dynasty, one of the Three Kingdoms period, as seen from the thin shoes, boat shoes and bring grassroots, Metallica shoes, silk surface Head clouds Soles shoes, clogs and other products more than a thousand coach handbags sale, as well as the two objects, later imitated.
Shoes and the "folk" isolate the relationship between
Disease, death, the ancient imperial examination, from weddings and funerals; rituals of worship are inextricably linked with the kind of shoes. At various stages of life, different in different locations in the area of communication, it is the physical display and oral presentation, such as old shoes with style, and strange, I mean, people think of ancient, customs and manners can be learned.
The bronze sacrificial system of the Three Kingdoms period shoes, clogs and a sturdy hand-soled shoes to puff, tiger shoes, coach wallet who expressed the belief that the ancient Tiger, the ancient nomads of the grass thin shoes, jade excavated to kiss shoes, shoes, Agricultural, Biological shoes, wedding shoes, sea fishermen to pray for peace, "clogs" lotus feet only after the woman's feet to the collection of 28 different colors in the area, the style, I think there are data.
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Coach handbags and other types of cultural commentary
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