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 Aged seventy embroidered gucci glasses, apply to the state of non-heritage

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PostSubject: Aged seventy embroidered gucci glasses, apply to the state of non-heritage    Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:31 pm

Long boots, eager Pang Lu ... ... The theme of the film is a treasure in the history of shoes, embroidery, reporting, and 71-year-old King Guanine hand, showing it in front of the needle is so miraculous. Four months in 2008 due to good art making embroidered shoes, Wang Guanine inheritors of the Intangible Cultural Heritage has been granted by the Beijing representative.
Grandparent-pin power transmission
for half a century, the ship's embroidered shoes gradually withdrew from people's attention. "I inherited her maternal side of the craft was a red." Wang guanine her body, she's fine; she said that the prada sunglasses hut is hereditary.
No less than the traditional embroidered shoes, Wang Guanine more details are handled in an elegant style. Number of Number of common flat top is reached, after looking down with a single, approximately 34 stories Booze, but rather a combination of plane and solid, and embroidered satin, establishing a sentence with a living corpse beheaded chicken gucci glasses are smart.
Poem inspired by refining
The first model, the former king in Beijing, a retired model Guanine old team, but always memorable, or embroidered shoes, love. Suddenly, the king made hundreds of pairs of Guanine what their history or their own hands, shoes, want to know. Air bubbles in the library for a few ray ban sunglasses do not have particularly well-documented historical information, embroidered shoes are available for inspection. From that moment on, the Royal Guanine two embroidered shoes in the local culture of China decided.
Classic novel, Tang Fu, the footwear king Guanine these literary works are the source of the ideas mentioned. The "oil - chief Health dew, night oakley sunglasses sale, long socks, Lou" Yu - chief, complained. "However," her eagerly, please. Exquisite crystal curtain at the moon, below, and a lot of shoes in shoe design inspired by looking back in Phoenix.
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Aged seventy embroidered gucci glasses, apply to the state of non-heritage
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