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 Tianjin's first national museum of culture, ray ban glasses

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PostSubject: Tianjin's first national museum of culture, ray ban glasses   Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:39 pm

Exhibit more than pieces of cloth shoes, Chinese shoes, the history of ... ... One hundred years old as the United States and China, the nation's first shoe, specialized museums, and directed by the culture of investment in Tianjin - China Shoe Culture Museum was formally announced at the sunglassesgroupon will be May 18 domestic and foreign tourists.
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This city has just completed China Shoe Culture Museum, I can understand two years to build is located in the ancient culture of the streets. Field Museum exhibit, oral history of seven parts, shoes, folk, folk shoes, lotus feet, a great exhibition, shoes, art, displaying the contents of the recovery site, about a thousand square meters of area shows a special shoe fit contained 60 or more many pieces, with thousands of shoes on display. The museum also showcases a variety of booths for Shoes, two objects of antiquity, but in the future to emulate the ancient, oakley sunglasses priceZhou Warring States Period, Qin and Han Dynasty Three Kingdoms, Tang and Song Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China show that the new China was founded, list. In
Showing the level of folk Nafud shoes, shoes and other great exhibition of the folk, spice drawer, Jessie Lou shoes, step by step when a student Hue Qing, dragon boots, shoes, test negative, series, shoes, shoes Agriculture stem, hand shoes. .. ... Different era, different chanel glasses of shoes, endless amazing, eye-opening, and embroidered pieces of very great interest. Plates and text inside the prada glasses booth, and described in detail a variety of footwear, use, and the origins of customs. In the hallway, the embroidered shoes, ropes, shoes, preparation, production and other manufacturing Metallica end of Mahjong, a traditional ray ban glasses, personal experience, performance and satisfaction after the opening welcome visitors, live performance footwear technology gucci sunglasses for women to set a zone. As it is now the museum is in charge of people, the first shoe culture, the National Museum for the museum project, and now the exhibition officially next May 18 is scheduled to open, and almost complete it for foreign museums or to visit it is easier to introduce Both rely on the English text is available.
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Tianjin's first national museum of culture, ray ban glasses
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