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 Costume Jewelry

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PostSubject: Costume Jewelry   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:35 am

we love our costume jewelry, and when we find a piece that has the http://www.dcsuprashoessale.com
name, or "signature" on the back, we know we have a piece that can be dated and its value better understood. But what about the literally millions of pieces of beautiful costume tiffany jewelry that have no signature And why, when there was such obvious artistry and craftsmanship involved in producing the piece, was it left unsigned? Marcia "Sparkles" Brown has given us some answers, and hundreds of gorgeous photographs in her book, "Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry, Identification and Values”. One reason is that fashion jewelry of gold and Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses were worn by ladies of wealth and position, while the cheaper; "tiffany replica" jewelry was worn by the poor or women of "ill repute". Makers of fine jewelry were proud to put their signatures on their creations, while artisans who made fake tiffany jewelry were just working to make a living it was a lower class profession without the pride of putting one's name on one's products. Replica tiffany jewelry was made in vast quantities in mass production, and to keep up with demand the makers did not always take the time to stamp their chanel sunglasses or company logo on each individual piece. how to tell fake tory burch shoes from authentic
Sometimes manufacturers made unsigned fashion jewelry that was sold to department stores, which then put the jewelry in boxes with the store's name. Stone shapes and settings are examined and illustrated with drawings and examples. Now what about starting a collection? The chapter on collectability will show you what to look for, how to choose, how to examine condition, and how to evaluate craftsmanship. There’s a comprehensive section on dating your jewelry tiffany rings, including a time chart, fashion style dating and art trends, followed by expert advice on care, restoration and storage. Valentines JewelleryThere is lots of cheap oakley sunglasses that people buy Valentines Jewellery as a gift for their loved ones. The most important one is that jewellery can be kept forever. It serves as a lasting reminder of affection which can be worn and seen everyday. Many women really enjoy receiving tiffany jewellery because it is perceived to be a luxury item, so not something that they buy for themselves frequently. It can be a bit daunting trying to find a perfect gift for someone, particularly as it is something that will be kept for a long time. But there is no need to worry; buying tiffany Valentines jewellery does not have to be a stressful thing to do. You can have a look at some examples of Valentines jewellery. http://www.sunglassesmalls.com/
There are a few steps that it is always wise to take before embarking on a purchase. The first is to have a look and see what kind of tiffany jewellery your intended wears. Earrings are often a popular choice for a Valentines Day gift for women, but don't forget to cheap tory burch sandals[/b] replica tiffany if she has her ears pierced and what kind of metals she can wear. Many people are allergic to base metals and will only wear silver or gold. Necklaces are popular choices for Valentines Day presents because the pendant lies romantically close to the heart. The main thing is to choose something that you think will be loved. Keep an eye on what kind of jewellery is already worn and use this as a guide when choosing your gift tiffany rings. Hearts are the traditional symbol of love; you should be able to find necklaces with heart pendants and heart earrings. If you are looking to be more inspired then consider buying a Tory Burch flats sale[/b] replica heart charm, there are lots available and new trigger clasp fittings mean that they can be attached easily to jewellery.Floral designs are also popular for Valentines Jewellery. There are many designs containing flowers which will be perfect, and floral jewellery is bound to last far longer than real flowers!
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Costume Jewelry
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