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  important than the so-called rankings.

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PostSubject: important than the so-called rankings.   Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:45 am

Manchester united against Arsenal always all is the premiership's climax, besides that is a football jerseys for the top competition, the focus of the game today are mainly concentrated in Manchester united's nani and Arsenal kenaz, the two "accept" upon him. The former is Manchester united play the most excellent players, the latter in small method without injury almost 1 ghd dragged the team forward. From the result of the game to see, the reds won a game and nani although we "victory", but at least about the game process. After the OPTA no goal for ji-sung park assists counted nani, the Portuguese coach outlet missing exclusive premiership despite the opportunity of assists, but to Manchester united winger is concerned, the team wins and maintain such a high level of play are far more ugg boots sale than the so-called rankings.

If the game Wayne rooney is manufacturing chance to attack the most united player, then nani is coach purses pronoun. Although the whole game only one passes by OPTA post-match defined as a threat, but this time passing pass directly creates ji-sung park's goal. In addition, the team in the second half with the penalty opportunities, also engraved Portuguese imprint, just the two coach handbags performance, foot can decide games showdowns. Article 13 minutes, nani in the frontcourt 35 meters free-kick, ze, tapping door was nehemiah saves, unveiled the Portuguese the offensive prologue. Article 22 minutes, Fletcher right-wing cross, kratos, pull qiqi clearance to knock good box nani's coach wallets, the latter rapid reaction, ground ball wiping pillar, strafe a bottom line. Article 40 minutes, nani right flank face gael clichy comfortable sway open opponent, he left foot crosses hit gael clichy blocks feet, let astute ji-sung park after looped top into the oakley sunglasses online.

Yi side again post-war the 72nd minute, nani in the box in coat-and-tie poured gael clichy, at his ray ban wayfarer sunglasses to kick gael clichy support arm and assistant to the referee the referee shall be awarded a penalty. Although rooney eventually lost some regrettablly the ball penalty, but nani hard eat gael clichy picture left deep impression to the person. In fact, the first 30 coach outlet in the first half, nani has 1 times of the area hit ball check mark on his arm, when referee Howard webb made no decisions. In addition, 59 minutes into the second half, united front three dozen counterattack won cheap gucci sunglasses opportunity, nani some greed reactive choosing oneself dozen dozen fly door, eventually encircle the middle, and this will allow the rooney unhappy, small fat growled to nani wield arm, and motioned teammates should have pass. After the game, the ball was Ferdinand repeatedly mentioned, England captain think this is united second-half the best opportunity. Seems nani want further, coach purses and passing the grasp and ascension of space.

After the game, the sky sports news to Manchester united on the new king of eight points of a game-cheap dior sunglasses, reviews are "his rhythm always give gael clichy trouble". After the game the media selection of the best player on the spot, nani is pressure ji-sung park and Wayne rooney aflac, the sky sports news that the game lack of star level performance, nani is the closest one, chi flat iron he continued to gael clichy manufacturing was no trouble. Compared to Europe's first dragao bell in the side down eight noodles, now look, nani hurtling down the same destructive and dye-in-the-wood, and attack means more rich. If ferguson can really bring early the bell at old chi turbo, then the reds' wings will how scary!!!

Although nani's game ball is not, of course, assists, but everybody could see the Portuguese air max 24-7 manufacturing the goal the function. Is not this assists, by statistical nani already this season for club and country in competitions scored eight goals and assists 11 times, makes 1 oolong and 1 times after gate opportunity, Lin Lin always down also have amazing air max 22 goals. Especially assists, nani always steady sit premiership head the current campaign. Arsenal's ASHLEY agent has recently eclipsing nani, and have the super trend, but today a sickening down, tsar performance some depressing, pour nani in competitors before a big reveal outstanding feet air max 2011. While in and Arsenal old minister gael clichy direct confrontation, nani is victory. The British media be implicative, say to gael clichy "a troublemaker", but in fact, the former real Madrid mouth-watering array left-back, Arsenal currently the only experienced 49 games air max ltd myth veteran, has certainly in nani before lose fellowship.

In the premiership, TongJiBang epicycle technology before deadline, nani on shot, assists, and ghd hair straighteners and 1 on 1 etc. 4 statistic, all the premiership all list so complete player can't find the first 2 people. Among them, the Portuguese not only in assists, leading in shot on goal times and is ranked the premiership on cross times before 3, this is less than any other team in the ugg bailey button united game 1 of the circumstance, all-rounder? The cow person? Star? I'm afraid really no word can accurately form for united this season to accommodate nehemiah outbreak. To know the 2008 season classic argyle knit united's cristiano ronaldo 1/15/91 an f1 season down also however dedicated 14 times league assists, and nani in matchday 16 after have eight assists, surpassing the record that cristiano ronaldo is not tickler, don't forget, that year his Portuguese townee took world chi pink. Before the game, evra a seat in provocative ever been wenger criticized for lack of respect opponents, but nani for Arsenal and direct opponent of kenaz evaluation fear to add: "kenaz in the Arsenal squad is the most important player and he is a great threat to us, we must be careful to watch him. I'd like to play ghd iv styler Arsenal

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important than the so-called rankings.
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