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  Chelsea and tottenham

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PostSubject: Chelsea and tottenham   Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:52 am

as a 9 million pounds in Manchester united squad after rooney and Rio Ferdinand, Manchester city football jerseys does not call not inviting. However, from personal development perspective, the current Manchester united in the premiership and champions league record is excellent, both great restoration "reds dynasty" momentum and nemanja vidic has no ghd of leaving this help own growth for world-class superstar stage.The Manchester united captain of the game before they once said: "if it can be scored the next two big game against Arsenal, Chelsea (one), and we will be at coach outlet top of the table to make great advantage, and in the title race will is very advantageous position. I think it's our so far this season most crucial game, especially when you go into the December this level, now is the fore some teams, which is why the game so important ugg boots sale, besides Arsenal or our old rivals."

Now, nemanja vidic's goal had already done half, next, united will visit to Stamford bridge, coach purses the other a top direct competitors - Chelsea. Then, if the reds can continue a league games unbeaten good momentum, even beat esbl plain opponent, so heavy championships will soon. In the face of such opportunity, nemanja vidic has any reason to leave old trafford? Want to know 29 coach handbags defender speaking, DianFengQi has just arrived, nemanja vidic completely chance led his team to open another "treble" era. Gael clichy were nani after blasting, led directly to the team this fall at old trafford, gunmen legion just sit a week of top spot again finally be cast down. No doubt, main left-coach wallets gael clichy powerless to team performance will be responsible for the loss. But right now for manager arsene wenger speaking, another name can rely on left-back gibbs and thoroughly become glass, so, to completely fill strong team left of defense, professor would depend on reinforcements. From the media "motion life" on oakley sunglasses online latest news from disclosure, Arsenal have marked the effectiveness of inter side nova Thornton.

In the 19-year-old Thornton competent around two side, when start because the European ray ban wayfarer sunglasses at dead cristiano ronaldo is famous after across Europe, however, because in their development bottlenecks and injuries trapped, the Italian winger growth have been unable to coach outlet as desired. This season benitez after capturing inter milan, Thornton chances to play again again compressed, has so far only a league game 4 times. In the club the unaffected by reusing, this lets Thornton cheap gucci sunglasses of the go abroad to fight a idea.

"Indeed, I admit Thornton hope to England chuangdang kind of, now for us there are several different coach purses, Arsenal, Chelsea and tottenham." Broker kt Mr Rato said: "then we will launch a series with these club meetings, after we see. Thornton want to join a high level of the club, he has begun to consider leaving inter. Transfer to leave it is not impossible, of course, the summer cheap dior sunglasses is better. Thornton to oneself on the club's situation is very unsatisfied, and he didn't know that coach want to do."The offside news that year the 19-year-old Thornton caused wenger considerable interest, whose future infinite development space, husky bodies, and achieve 1 meter chi flat iron height and effortless to the premier league rigors. In the above three bottles of British teams, Arsenal apparently most sincerity, wenger professor has even for its made out a list of 850 million chi turbo for an undisclosed fee.

Of course, except for Thornton, wenger also do bets. From the media the figures of the message air max 24-7, played in osasuna Spanish left-back by entering into the same reais investigation range of Arsenal. 24 Mongolian reais debuting in osasuna youth, height than 178cm he has already had 4 times for Spain's record of armour to play, because its contract is about to expire air max 2012 summer and renewal suffocate suffocate, the club have considered in the transfer window opens, selling this name local international. The figures of said, osasuna to receive reais psychological price air max 2011 11 million pounds or so, and wenger, who in the summer for its open produced a 700 million pounds to offer was rejected, now the situation has very different, transfer negotiations as can be open, the two clubs will probably agree on the air max ltd.

Of course, young player is always wenger professor favorite. According to the daily mail and the ghd hair straighteners for the information disclosure, a 17-year-old devil child alex extension radmanovic - chamberlain into sight of arsene wenger. Allegedly, oakes curled vladimir radmanovic's father is a former England famous winger mark - chamberlain, he was born and grew up in ugg bailey button, the secretary of the academy of his midfield in March this year completed the first-team debut, which was his age only 16 zero 199 days, this also broke in Europe when hongxing bell at Southampton set 16 classic argyle knit 275 days of appearance record.

"I know there are now many clubs slavering over our this little guy, but we don't want to let chi pink leave, because we're constantly strengthened, in order to upgrade as soon as possible." Southampton boss di method Bridget aduh Wilkins said. According to the mirror revealed that wenger has been dispatched scouts Steven -, rolly to track inspection oakes curled vladimir ghd iv styler performance, and hope to soon can get the most gifted midfielder prodigy.

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Chelsea and tottenham
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