200 years after the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, the Water Avatar has come and gone, now the newest Avatar an Earth Bender has gone missing. A war has begun and the search for peace is underway.
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 Stone steps along the way from Fort tail

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PostSubject: Stone steps along the way from Fort tail   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:13 am

Stone steps along the way from Fort tail slope, into the castle, the coach outlet store turn right to go. Burr Lane, Grief declared the south, north, bunker walls, ancient one meter thick. Barriers not only Jun, and high walls of the palace, Golden Lane curled in the meantime, like the coach bags sale, a little row of shop houses, covered with a tile roof, leaning against the thick paste on the powerful fort walls. After the sixteenth century, lived in this row of humble house, is known as sharpshooter coach purses sale of the artillery, and later goldsmiths, tailors and the like have come to a shop. According to legend, before the Rudolf II, which coach handbags sale, so called Golden Lane.

Today, these coach wallet, some painted red soil, some painted in pale yellow, light gray, curled up in the oblique overlying red tile roof, is an illusion, how into the fairy tale illustrations in here? The alley only one hundred and thirty meters long, but its width does not rule, at cheap air max the narrow width at three. Through the narrow office, Zhang arm on both sides almost touch the walls, to be low ranking low door, the color of the walls and smeared Something Childish, is it feels very dear and beloved, but also a bit unrealistic. Into the door, it is as small as a house reebok zigtech[/i][/b], as long as many people that will be crowds, but also like a air max 24-7 elevator inside. Artillery and goldsmith, of course disappeared.

Visitors are constantly excited and out of the mini toy, crystal shops, bookstores, air max 2012 shops, the total can not help but go back and buy some small souvenirs. The most attractive light green wall, a nail in a piece of thin bronze, engraved "Franco nike shox deliver [/i][/b]Kafka house", rather with the Van Gogh-style lintels on the green grass, hastily written on "twenty-two No.. " There is a small bookstore, in addition to display some of Kafka's caption, that is, selling books out. I used seventy crowns (crown, Czech as shape ups, with the NT equivalent) to buy a Prague "comic map", is very proud of. "Cartoon Map" is the nickname I gave, because the original map of the abstract formal symbols are used comics, writing, a brief bright in coming up with a vivid image: the result is to maintain a normal jordan retro and location, but the building and pedestrians, the proportion of streets and squares, but free scaling, do not have humorous.

When approaching the end of Golden Lane, there is a more narrow, the timberland boots is a gray brick Trail, is a pale line above the cloudy sky on both sides of the walls are surfacing, with mottled aspect vicissitudes. Pedestrian walk, step sound trampling However, hidden among the do not have a sense of air max 2011. This time the tunnel empty, leading to a courtyard, surrounded on three sides of the thick wall of iron gray, only a few fans sealed a high window. Obviously, this is the timberland shoes of the castle. Stillness of the cold, we sat under parasols in the summer, edged, and holding a cup of coffee and hot tea to keep warm. South of the fortress wall was covered with two doors, gray timberland outlet and mottled, is also foreclosed the. Copper rings on the door, knocking the last time it was who asked the full House of loneliness, all the stone refused to answer.

So we sat, listening to six years in the castle seems faint whisper, to tell the story of a mbt shoes sale. If this night, the ghost of Charles IV a cough, the whole ghost town that has prada glasses the music-loving people know that Prague is the snow boots [/i][/b]Bismarck and the German city of V g at first glance. Similarly, readers of literature know, Kafka, sad Jewish genius, is born here, writing, spent years of his life short. Sorrow of the Jews in Prague, cheap oakley sunglasses are thousands of years. Slavs came first in the fifth century they live in today where the hill of Fort Bragg.
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Stone steps along the way from Fort tail
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