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 Then came the tenth century

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PostSubject: Then came the tenth century   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:14 am

Then came the tenth century, the descendants of Abraham, first settled in the upper reaches of the magic than the east coast of Tao River, but also in the middle of the thirteenth century the north of the Old City, while large magic Tao River east corner, to today's "Old Jewish new church "coach outlet store as the center, to develop Jewish. Despite the very lucrative tax Jews, but the attitude of the authorities when their time actually blue, but also very friendly and the people of Prague, the Jews and no civil rights, sometimes even being forced to move. Until 1848, at Fort open coach bags sale emperor Joseph II (Joseph Ⅱ) was granted citizenship. Jews for Thanksgiving, is this an area was renamed the "Joseph City" (coach purses sale), has been used so far.

This Old Town in Prague around Joseph City, among the smallest of Prague is one area, but tourists will visit the place. Yin West really took us to a visit. Florence from the subway station we coach handbags sale car to the bridge station coach wallet, sub-bus to Old Town Station, along the Xi Luoka Street eastbound section, then to the old Jewish cemetery. Xi cheap air max Street all the way from the meandering to the Street, this one was messy but deserted cemetery Z irregular shape. During this period up to the tomb is said to twelve thousand, three hundred years, who was buried between layers of stacked, often in the tombs of new soil on top of the reebok zigtech[/i][/b], and then buried the new ghost. The earliest stone monument in 1439, the dead poet and legal experts will Duo Kala Ah, this is the final burial of Moses Baker, when in 1787.

As has been filled tomb, "Victors", the deceased will be buried next to go elsewhere. As usual, the day was overcast, still and lonely no wind, get in the cemetery have been half the afternoon. air max 24-7depleted dead trees in the forest, great, full of yellow rust red eclipse the cemetery, make rows of rows of stacked stone, are semi-trapped in the earth, either positive or air max 2012, or tilt back and wish, or Soil is deep and I saw people top the monument, or who unearthed together with the high desire, or pay back of the shoulder is said Xiang Yi stack, or to light or shape ups back, tablet-shaped or square or triangular or complex symmetric, nike shox deliver, different and feet.

Stone surface relief antique and vigorous, and some patterns itself jordan retro dripping, and then forever after the erosion of weathered rain eagle, half by half by the creature who honed carving, and finally to complete the full House hued sculpture exhibitions, displays three hundred air max 2011of illness and death, an entire nation dream of stray interference Cry Afar. We stop and go, pondering a long time in vain speculation monument carved on the Ancient Hebrews who is the family timberland boots with any industry, but found to be quite different texture of the stone; including marbled rough, dark green blue and nearly black upon is sandstone, smooth texture, or white or timberland shoes red should be for the marble, sandstone era of ancient tombstone, marble monument when the late period. "
This large Ecstasy Stonehenge," Grace turned away I said, "cheap oakley sunglasses be called the Forest of Stone Tablets of Prague." "Exactly," Grace timberland outlet, "but how only a monument but not the tomb?" Yin West also came side read booklet, said: "It is said that the stone fill, soil and then erected a monument, a total of ten layers deep." "It's incredible," mbt shoes sale is also carrying a camera, caught up. Look around the state but not ribbon, I keep and I asked the first West Inn West smiled and answered: "She was outside waiting for us. She said, watching the evening when the mo grave." After prada glasses one that we all a little nervous, and feel that the cemetery snow boots [/i][/b]dark increased the bleak autumn
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Then came the tenth century
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