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PostSubject: coach purses sale   Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:01 am

In 2008, the same spring, March, with the years, I settled down, a man politely knocked on the coach purses outlet is already open, and asked: Xiao in? I asked him to come in, (happy, we exchanged business card?) Said Xiao not. I noticed that he wore a blue suit, very clean, ironing, very clean shave beard. He said, I want to see what Zhao lid Hong Xiao and live together, he smiled silently, that curious, think about the impossible. I laughed; I was that Zhao lid Hong. Invited him to sit, he sat down. I dig touch self-serving, giving her hair a mirror, his face makeup, running around. I have seen from the mirror is very quiet this man sitting there looking at me to do this and that, we did not say anything, everything is natural, and sat for a while, Xiao did not, he said he left and went out. ("Little Prince" the fox said, when you and a Rose "at the ripe", and you begin to look forward to coach wallet outlet, similar to you and her, and wait an hour early, so very happy. But happy, you can not so long and I agreed to go next year, Xinjiang Ying Shoo to see lavender, looking forward to the time is too long, will make people anxious.)
In the same in the town, happy, yellow Vatican, and I, two foreign coach shoes outlet, along with the town's flagging slowly, I learned that despite many years of happy living in Beijing, who is in Fujian, where it was his hometown, he was so kind familiar to the South. Rain, the southern spring, there were numerous moisture mist of rain, we stood together on the narrow street people under the eaves, waiting for rain, or the fine extension of the breathing spring, happy to have been saying that Joanna wet, rain and more is good, the water good, flagging good, feeling much better. He does not hurry do not delay, soft voice as voice-over. Later, reading his "Essay Sarajevo" knows, he has produced a collection of essays called "Prague, the gravel road that Land Yu." Every poet has some enough to ignite him and let his life full of glittering coach outlet online of mass destruction, for pleasure, may be "south", "Town," "Rain," "gravel", "rice" "side dishes" and the like. These words can suddenly make him into a state of absence and return to a certain period of time. By these words he was willing to lead, once in a TIME context into a kind of state, will own the smoke steaming from the daily life of "pull out". The TIME, he may wander in the bridge, river, recall once encountered, will think of a poem; he will tear filled eyes sad because the United States; the-time, he is willing to with a coach bags outlet, night after night chat , a poem to recite poetry, Chinese, English, Romanian, Albanian, even though the sound still did not understand each other in the passing emotion; this-time, he would roam the streets with her, feel slightly smoked spring, summer stars , autumn leaves sound.
I am very happy that I met happy, always on the go, gathering. This time, a normal, standardized, behave edge of life. I have analyzed the great French director Rohmer films, Rohmer said the design of the coach handbags outlet, always occur in work and daily life over time: the subway, the afternoon coffee breaks, Friday night, on leave:
"Modern all these activities are to be placed, was institutionalized, managed, and he does not consider what to do, how dry, institutions and organizations will choose for him, everything will be organized to do but as a point of order; family (including stable cohabiting relationship) are also areas of social organization. Rohmer will be placed in the divorced person "organization" outside the time. In those erratic, short, full of their own, the time away from the daily coach tote bags, self- quietly recovery. But a convention used by the modern day norm, in part self-time, often forgets the self. One by one "self", closed, alone, the so-called exchange, just stay in the public's knowledge, skills, or rational discourse on the familiar. The mind can not open. Or that they have forgotten what is an open mind, what is the real communication. “
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coach purses sale
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