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 Wear embroidered egg boots made in house

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PostSubject: Wear embroidered egg boots made in house   Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:17 pm

Embroidered shoes to wear, the important festival of dressing people, but also the exquisite craftsmanship. Before the founding of New China, the embroidered shoes as a symbol of power and wealth status, and only lord, toast and its officials and other children born to a noble family can snow boots[/i], do not wear the people. Today, the beauty of women Come on, everyone can wear embroidered shoes made in house, with its artistic appeal, a border town in a beautiful landscape Genome culture.
In fact, the feet of women as old as "lotus feet", which started in the extreme aesthetic Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms? It is said that the political affairs of the 'Southern Tang Emperor Li Yu lack of game day to indulge in sensual pleasures, a concubine of Li Yu of ceremonies to obtain, with silk bound feet, to make crescent-shaped bend in the order to complete a high platform in the authentic ugg boots sale dance beat. Since then, his wives in order to maintain such a feat, to keep her favorite Yu Li, Goo Jin feet will be common in white silk, over time, they wrapped their feet in "mysterious type", "crescent". In this case, that coach bags outlet follow suit, gradually formed after the culture of the Five Dynasties, the popular market. The Song Dynasty, the lotus feet of a woman was fantastic with the Luoyang peony, tea and statehood Xing Yu is strange that the thing in the world. Yuan Dynasty, if women do not bind their feet, is considered a grave insult. Queen of the horse goddess Ming Emperor Zhu Yuan, it is because of the big feet and suffered ridicule.
In addition to top-soled shoes decorated with cicada butterfly embroidery or decorative elements, etc., the wood touching the ground with some embroidery or beads are also used for decoration. Some of the toes also decorated with silk thread woven in the ears, along accessible cardy ugg boots. High-heeled shoes, the end of this very solid wood, often broken shoe, and the soles are still intact. Shoes, mostly high-end flag more than thirteen years old, aristocratic young woman dressed, wearing shoes, walk, curl ugg ultra tall, the peacefulness of light, dignified and beautiful. Older women and women who work in flat shoes, worn wood flag base, known as the embroidered flat shoes, also known as "sub-cloud shoes."
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Wear embroidered egg boots made in house
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