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 DIY stunning digital glasses you can become Lady Gaga

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PostSubject: DIY stunning digital glasses you can become Lady Gaga    Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:14 am

Lady Gage’s appearance will bring a commotion every time, "Ray Mother" appearance at the Halloween party, and a stunning digital glasses, the audience is definitely the biggest highlight. Gaga want to be the "mother mine" style, in fact, not that difficult, askew stunning pair of coach online we can DIY. Need to be prepared: hot melt glue guns, sunglasses, key chain digital photo frame × 2, needle nose pliers, brushes, and paints the same glasses. Keychain Digital Photo Frame, picture frame according to the size of sunglasses to buy, Internet Amoy one, also about 50, recommended 1.5 inch. Will destroy a good coach store, very distressed, right, you can buy the kind of decorative black frame, not only saving thing, but also not to waste things. What brand of sunglasses good? Our own to make an it ~!
Started by: removing the lens, this need not to explain. Buy frames without lenses eliminates the need for this step. Key birthday gift with needle nose pliers to remove the chains. Download your favorite pictures to the digital frame on. Hot melt appearance, a digital photo frame in the frame of the fixed coach purses. To reserve position switches and USB interface. Otherwise, pictures will never be the method for frame, more trouble is exhausted power to destroy the. Color with black paint to make a frame and frame color. Put digital sunglasses, you can be mine home! Tip: Some of this stunning lack of glasses, because it will block your view, so the best time to stay where Baku to avoid the embarrassment.
Lady Gaga and-shoot Polaroid's sunglasses
Last year, Lady Gaga joined Polaroid (Polaroid) camera and optical products division, served as creative director of Polaroid cheap bagsLabel. Now we see that this new film Polaroid sunglasses, the model is the GL10, with camera and two 1.5-inch LCD screen, you can share with people instantly see the picture, there are two portable products GL10 G30 printers and coupons. GL10 which will be available in May, the price is 150 dollars, the other two is unknown. Polaroid sunglasses brand in the rankings is also a big step forward.

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DIY stunning digital glasses you can become Lady Gaga
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