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 Technology has revolutionized the pin high-heeled shoes

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PostSubject: Technology has revolutionized the pin high-heeled shoes   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:19 am

In 1950, shoes with high heels of the most important period of history, the early high-heeled shoes, because the technology and materials of the limit of shoes, the heel can only create a funnel, that is, the plant began to close with the Ministry, the Ministry of further expansion at the end. The wedge can then be transformed into straight lines in the United States is still www.discount-shox.com . Until the '50s, technology has revolutionized the pin high-heeled shoes; the designer can design the tapered heel today. And then Marilyn Monroe has been designed to wear thin by Salvatore Farrago heels of metal with his fame, no wonder, said: "Although I do not know who first invented high heels, but all women should be grateful to him, high heels cause me great help.
The first impression that the shoes, you may think that only works of art, rather than life to wear normal shoes? This is the story of a shoe and culture, Mr. Jin Yogi gave us a life of belonging to a particular culture cheap nike shox of shoes, in order to better understand the world of new shoes.
Narrator: Kim Yu
20, 1293 ceramic shoes - takes advantage of the opportunity to go last year, I finally clear the inventory of all things.
Kim Yu small nike shox deliver of shoes is only the size of the soybean.
England and Amoy to ceramic shoes, so Kim Yu favorite for me.
The walls are made of glass-fronted house.
Do not just buy their own, friends and relatives abroad are also encouraged to help the heart. Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Greece and other countries have done with strong ethnic characteristics of ceramic shoes and discount- shox oz features. Spain, Italy, UK work shoes up in victory, carved, openwork decoration, painted gold, with the internal process has been different. Learned in recent years in line, I started on the network "Taboo", collections have increased more and faster. This does not, and now the nephew to help me buy shoes in a foreign country, when they have to take pictures to look at me, fear of repeat purchase.
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Technology has revolutionized the pin high-heeled shoes
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